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Geoengineering and Pandas

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I just heard a doctor talk that stated the geoengineering program in place (denied by many, but just look up at the trails in the sky OR do research at bariumblues dot com and make your own conclusions), that the aluminum in the spraying goes straight to the brain, thus the explosion in autism and pandas. Has anyone tested serum aluminum in their kids?



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I don't know anything about geoengineering, but yes, we tested for heavy metals years ago, because I had

Mercury poisoning, and plan to do more testing in the near future. In my opinion, this is a huge issue and there are many metals in the environment and everyday products that can affect development and health, especially in kids with immune issues, methylation/detox issues, allergies, etc. There is aluminum in vaccines, cookware and no doubt many other sources. Mercury in the air, fish, amalgam fillings, and vaccines (with a much larger dose from those given before 2002). Antimony and arsenic in flame retardants used in furniture, carpets, children's pajamas, etc. The list goes on and on I'm sure.

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