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  1. Watch "What in the World are they Spraying" on youtube and you will see why Pandas, autism, adhd, alzheimers etc....are exploding.
  2. Hi Does anyone know of a good doctor in Cleveland dealing with lyme and toxins? Thanks
  3. Geo-engineering is adding tons of aluminum. Watch "What in the World are they Spraying". Available for free on youtube.
  4. Hi Confirmed that there is insane amounts of aluminum in the geo-engineering going on. Many do not notice the long contrails being dumped by the military that morph into fake clouds. Unfortunately, the aluminum rains down on us all. Aluminum goes straight to the brain. Thus, Autism, ADD, ADHD, Alzheimers, Dementia etc...are skyrocketing. I urge all to watch "What in the World are they Spraying". It is on youtube and a well-done documentary. I think the aluminum uptakes the strep antibodies to the brain. My kid played outside alot. By the way, there are over 20 patents on this and the govt denies it is doing it but let's get real. Look up! Do measurements of your soil in your yard. Do a hair sample. Monsanto owns the patent for aluminum resistant seeds. Connect the dots. Bariumblues dot com is a good place to read as is carnicominstitute dot org. Watch the film. Volvic water takes aluminum out but go slow as you can herx. Start 1/2 bottle. TIM
  5. There is barium, aluminum, strontium in the chemtrails. Just look up. The clouds will look like spider webs or cotton candy. It rains down on us in nano-particles. I am rather certain the aluminum uptakes the strep antibodies to the brain. Keep kids inside on heavy spray days. I am shocked at how many don't notice. I have confirmed it with a family member who worked on haarp.
  6. Hi Look at some of that stuff on bariumblues then look at your sky on a Sunny day. By afternoon, it is covered in fake clouds, spraying. (most of the time). People don't notice for some reason unless pointed out. Take care
  7. HI I just heard a doctor talk that stated the geoengineering program in place (denied by many, but just look up at the trails in the sky OR do research at bariumblues dot com and make your own conclusions), that the aluminum in the spraying goes straight to the brain, thus the explosion in autism and pandas. Has anyone tested serum aluminum in their kids? Thanks
  8. Hi Does this confirm lyme is active? Previous? Or not lyme? IGG 31, 41+++, 58+++ IGM 39, 41+++ Thanks. LLMD says yes. PCP contacted infectious disease doctor who said debatable.
  9. Hi I believe Streptococcus mutans is released when a new tooth comes in. Thus, strep titers rise, thus pandas increases.
  10. This private school allows you to do classes online and set your own courses. It is an option - no 504 plan. http://www.faceschool.com/
  11. When they spray in Denver, the sky looks like a tic tac toe grid. I have seen the planes spray, turn direction, come back over in an X pattern. I think it added to us being sick (my son and I).
  12. Stuff turns into filament. Do a grape juice swish on your kid and see if fibers come out. They do in mine and me. Swish it for a good 15 seconds. It will shock you if it happens. WHAT?!! nobody takes time to watch what goes on right over their heads.someday people will get mad enough to fix the problem as well as the symptoms. http://www.carnicominstitute.org/html/articles_by_date.html
  13. We will be guinea pigs on this one. It is acetyl glutathione. Talked to a chemist who said it makes sense.
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