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Lab results in: very high Lactic Acid etc.....

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The doc has not called yet about results, but I have the results from labcorp. There were many discoveries in her blood work, some expected, some not expected. One I am trying to understand is very high lactic acid (34 with normal at 4.5-19.8). It was so high, they noted that they tested it several times to verify and put a red "alert" beside the results. Her BUN and BUN/creatinine ratios are high as well. Now I have wonder if she has a metabolic disorder or kidney disease or something else :(.


Her lymphs is high, her IGA and IGG are both low, she has a single MTHFR A1298C mutation, HHV 6 is high, TSH is high (but free t4 is low normal), EBV is super high. Her ASO and Dnase are still very low, so I guess I need to change her dx to PANS not PANDAS <_< . Several other minor issues that are probably no big deal. Some minor electrolyte imbalance etc....... Her MMR, and Polio antibodies are very high despite only getting one MMR vaccine total so far. It appears the doc forgot to order the cocksackie A/B test.


Does any one else's kids have high lactic acid and high BUN and BUN/creatinine levels? If yes, what were they diagnosed with?

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We found high lactic acid (d-lactate) through a Genova ION test, and more recently again with a Genova stool test.


Requires a complete change of probiotics. Also usually/ might mean bad bacteria in the gut- our stool test also showed 2 different HIGH strains of strep, and HIGH staph!


Can you get a stool test done?

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