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Here we go again

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DS, 13, was a total crab tonight. He just wanted to argue about everything and no it is not typical teenager behavior. His cheeks were very red and his face just looks puffy, especially around the eyes. He is a big boy, so I gave him 600 mg of Advil and the redness went down but the irritability remained.


We are scheduled to see Dr. J and Dr. B on the 15th of this month. If this trend continues, how will I make it to the 15th? His scrip of Augmentin ran out about a week ago and could not be refilled because we had not seen the Dr. since October. He is still taking his allergy meds, Biaxin, Rifampin, and Nystatin.


About three weeks ago, I did something I hope I don't live to regret. We went to another immunologist for a second opinion to justify getting him IVIg with the insurance company. He said that we had to give the Prevnar to see what the strep titers would do. I'm not sure why, but I agreed and we did it. We can't test for another week to see what happened to the antibodies.


Every year at this time, we go through he** because of spring pollen and open burning of yard waste/fields. Every year, he gets mean/angry, cries a lot, and has school refusal. Last year, we had to have a steroid taper to bring him back from the brink. It worked wonderfully. I am hesitant to do another steroid taper because of the Bartonella/possible Lyme and endocrine side effects, but I will if it gets him to a better place.


Any ideas?

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You may want to try quercetin - it inhibits mast cells and is a great antihistamine. I like it much better than any OTC allergy med. My only complaint is that at the peak of allergies, it wears off after 4 hrs. But you might see improvement if you give one capsule every 4 hours and stay on top of it for the next 10 days until your appt.

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