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Iron Levels and Tourettes

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In my journeys searching for nutritional contributors to tics I came across this one.




Which seems to indicate that low iron store levels (ferritin) may contribute to tic disorders.


And I happen to know that my DS12 does have low ferritin levels.


Wondering if anyone has had any experience or success in reducing tics by raising ferritin levels.



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Sorry cant answer your question. But ds was also tested low I think it was 38 back when he was 7. He was put on supplements for 6 months but he was also going through a pretty harsh elimination diet bc of all his food sensitivities and allergies so cannot state if the supplements helped. He is now 10 and am planning to get him retested for this. I do wonder if this plays a role in something. I researched it some and wonder also. I will have to see how his tests come back now. I am looking in pyroluria and it seems this might play a role. I say keep digging and you never know what you might find. Every child is different. I will let you know if he is still low and if there is anything else contributing to this.


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