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Side Effects of Clonidine


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My 8 year old daughter has been taking Clonidine at bedtime since August to help first with sleep and secondly with tics. It was helping with sleep until three weeks ago when it was decided to give her a small dosage of Clonidine in the morning to help control her tics throughout the day. Since that time she is having trouble sleeping at night, in fact she is awake for several hours. Has this happened to anyone else?


Secondly, she has gained at least 6 pounds since August. Would this also be the Clonidine?

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Trouble sleeping with Clonidine? Clonidine makes me sleepy. I take it before bed.


What brand and dosage is she taking?


Does she still take it at night AND in the morning, or did you change the dosage to morning only? When she was taking it at night, was it helping the tics at all?

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Hello c2h, I know Clonodine is not necessarily the therapy promoted on the ACN forum and I respect that. However, it has been the only thing that has worked w/my ds (11 yrs). He has a tic disorder and after many trials of diet, vitamins, supplements, etc we resorted to clonodine - reluctantly. The eye tics began at 6 yrs and the blinking/rolling prevented him from even reading. He takes 1/4 in the a.m. and 1/2 p.m. and is virtually tic free for long periods thru the year. When the stress of a new school year begins (so do the tics) we increase only 1/4 of a pill and he ALWAYS goes for about 3 nights of NOT sleeping well ...now I know it will happen. The increase is what is doing it ...if you can get through a few days of this it settles down. I know each child is different but this works for us. After that hes is back to sleeping well and generally doing well.

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