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  1. I have started bringing my 7 year old to a homeopathic doctor. She has suggested we take Quiet Calm which is Oriental medicine. Has anyone ever heard of this or used it? C2H
  2. My seven year has tics mostly from August to January here in Houston. I strongly think it is linked to environmental triggers, like pollen. We just went on a vacation to New York and saw no tics over the five days we were there. We arrived home last evening and as early as tonight she started showing tics again. Is anyone else from Houston who is experiencing the same thing? Tics worsen from August to January and then decrease in the spring and summer only to reappear in August. C2H
  3. My 8 year old daughter has been taking Clonidine at bedtime since August to help first with sleep and secondly with tics. It was helping with sleep until three weeks ago when it was decided to give her a small dosage of Clonidine in the morning to help control her tics throughout the day. Since that time she is having trouble sleeping at night, in fact she is awake for several hours. Has this happened to anyone else? Secondly, she has gained at least 6 pounds since August. Would this also be the Clonidine?
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