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So the other day ds repeats noises and saying as we are driving to football. I say okay cut it out and he says he was watching pawn stares or one of those shows and said there was a guy on there the kept repeating things and he had some type of syndrome . He couldn't remember what it was but said mom I think I have it, don't worry it's nothing bad but I like to repeat sounds and sayings and I think I have the same thing. I was frozen in the drivers side. Ds is 10 now and did he really just say this. He was all calm and sure of himself. Then today ds is doing homework at kitchen counter as I am making dinner and he is bouncing like usual. I tell him to do his work several times and he goes back and forth and says mom remember about that guy and goes to say I like to move around and maybe I have add. I have never spoken to my kids having this but they are around many kids with add, ADHD, aspergers, autism that they understand. He is in 5th grade now and say how do you handle school ? I say how do you do at school? He says recess is fun because I can burn my energy and I go to several bathroom brakes so I could get up and move around. Other then that I feel zoned out. Dd told me how a girl fell back on her chair in class today and ds is like I did that lots of times. Why did no one tell me??? I have never gotten any bad feed back about ds about this. I laugh bc he is packing his snacks for lunch tonight and I say do you want this plastic spoon for soup or a real one? He said give me the real ond otherwise I will be tempted to shoot something across the lunchroom. He is such a smart kid. One other thing ds tends to talk in this high pitch voice when he wants his way? He is fast, bossy and this high pitch voice.



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