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Reaction with ds.


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So ds and dad go 4- wheeling today ( this brings much joy to ds) anyway he walks in with a vitamin water and a 2 foot strip of jerky which is pretty much all eaten. So I grab it and look at ingredients and crap pretty much a list of 20 preservatives and crap that he never gets. So I let him have one that we have at the store that had beef and corn syrup and a couple of other ingedients once in a blue moon. So anyway 15 min later he is on couch doing like three different tics. Eye rolling, head jerks, moaning sounds and what ever else. I look at DH and see that he notices him and had his hand on his head. So when I speak to DH he says sorry he said he could have it. So I tell him that he needs to start understanding this and should not have ds tell him what he could have. I explain what he is seeing and that I don't want you (DH) to get flustered because of this . I tell him this is why I am always so crazy with food and if he sees. He says I don't want you to be mad. I tell him I am not mad but I can't and don't want to be the watchdog all the time. Basically trying to tell him I am sick of all the weight of everything being on my shoulders and I need to be able to talk to him and have him beside me. Anyway I hope this is short lived by ds I now it usually is in the past. It usually is but once again I am amazed how this junk, all these perservitives mess him up!! The vitamin water I don't worry about yes it's loaded with sugar but he has one very rarely and he is getting older and everyone is drinkIng monster or gatorate and what not so of course I am thinking of the future so

he can grab one of these to not look like an outcast.


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