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Help with neuroscience lab results

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Just received results from the neuroscience My Lyme Immune ID panel on my 5 year old. His western blot last month was negative for IgM bands, but positive for IgG bands 23, 30, 41.


His neuroscience labs read negative for ITT and negative for cytokines. The only thing that was not in normal range is in the cytokine test, OSPC and in the TNF-alpha category the OSPC was elevated.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!



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My understanding of the test is that it is very specific for Borellia burgdorferi, but not all that sensitive. In other words, if the test is positive then Bb. is involved, but it also misses a lot of positive infections.


I think the WB band 23 is much more indicative of exposure- isn't that one of the Lyme specific bands??

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