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List of questions….if you can answer any of them or have thoughts about it, please let me know.

I like to post on pandas and lymes sites as ds12 would have been poster child for pandas with strep and complete remission prior to this long episode. Plus the fact that my 2 younger boys still respond to traditional abx treatment for pandas. Trying to figure out at what point, when and why TICS go rogue!



1. I have recently heard the nystatin also kills probiotics. Should ds take nystatin separate from his probiotics?


2. Serrapeptase. I started ds on serrapeptase a couple days ago, 1 capsule 40k units ½ hour before meals….Sat or sun..i also started him on samento…2 drops in am with his thyroid pill a day before .

Ds was worse yesterday(Monday), could this be a herx

or..stress at coming back from spring break and crct testing here in GA?

Today he woke up completely congested. Even though pollen has been outrageous here 9000+…he has not been congested this spring. It’s the first spring since he was 3yrs old he has not had “allergy” symptoms other than itchy eyes only the 2 days its was 8000 and 9000. I credit this to the allergy shots, singulair(which we stopped)but transitioned to quercitine/vit c and zyrtec.

I didn’t give quercitin yesterday as I couldn’t fit it in schedule. Also I am now concerned as Q raises dopamine.

I asked ds if he has been this congested at all this yr..no

Was he congested all night, last night…no

w/o prompting him..he said it happened after the second set of pills(serrap just by itself)

so to recap…samento and thyroid 7:30…back to sleep

8 am serrapeptase.

8:30 down to eat and take abx and is completely congested

Could the serrap make him more congested at first as its thinning out the mucus?

Problem, like in the past and this was certain the baking ground for strep and a few panda onsets…..ds doesn’t drain. Will the serrap eventually help him drain too?

I wonder if I can get this in him 2x a day

Also am I killing his gut by thinning out mucus within the body and all the abx he is on?

Not sure how his tics are today, but thinking they will not be great



3. Samento…could ds be herxing after 3 days of just 2 drops in the am???? We are supposed to do it 2x a day and work up to 5 drops 2x day. But again, I need about another 10 hours in the day to get everything in, you know a 34 hour day. We had tried it before but maybe I wasn’t taking good enough notes. Any thoughts…anyone


4. Has anyone taken time off from lymes treatment? Not as long as we had, but maybe a week or 10 days just to give the body(and us) a rest and not have to consider that as starting treatment all over again as in this is now day 1…again. How long can you take a break?

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