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Using Vitamins for tics. HELP needed.

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Those of you who use vitamins ..etc... for tics.. Do you find it easier to order them from bonnie's site or do you go to the vitamin store and buy them individually?


I am gathering if you look at the list of ingredients on bonnie's vitamins that is how you know what to buy at the vitamin store.

yes or no??


Also, with there being so many pills, what do you find is the easiest way to get your child to take them?


and lastly,

what is the estimated cost you spend per month on this?


Thanks for any information, I am getting ready to start this type of treatment with my own child and just had a few questions.

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Hi mommy2three,


I buy individual vitamins. However, I'd love to buy Bonnie's vitamins for the convenience and it is a well balanced formula. I don't do well on her all in one vitamins, but do great on individual vitamins. It's just not the right balance for me I guess. Lots of people do great with her TS Plus Control/Magnesium supplements.


I have had vitamin levels checked and some of the vitamins are based on that. Other vitamins are based on doctors and then also this site of Bonnie's vitamins before she had her own all in one vitamins: http://www.tourette-syndrome.com/holistic.htm I'm having trouble getting into that site today though.


Most of my vitamins are the NowFoods brand except any that are special like probiotics and flaxseed oil. I end up with about 9 different vitamin pills a day. I'll let the moms answer how to get your child to take them. I spend about $30 a month on vitamins which doesn't include the Methyl-B12 shots that I do.



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We went to a DAN doctor and she gave us a list of supplements. Some I get from her office and some I order from Kirkmanlabs.com Theyare very reasonable in price. They have a great multi vit.


Caroline - how often are you taking the MB12. I just replied to you re: the MB12 and it hit me that we only give Sydnie 2 shots a week. Just wondering if you're doing it more often.



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Hi there, at first my son took Bonnie's vits and seemed to do well but about 4 months into them he started to do worse. He now takes individual nutritionals and supplements. For him the problem was the B6, folic acid, and fish oil. He has a hard time processing B6 but needs it desperately. Instead we give him P5P which is basically B6 broken down a bit more so that his body can use it more readily. The folic acid contraindicts high histamine (which he has) and the fish oil just didn't agree with him (something about choline?) so he's taken borage, flax and now black current to get his omegas. We have a great DAN doctor and Environmental doctor who help us figure these things out.


As for taking them? He swallows pills very easily and simply it isn't negotiable - it just is. I tend to be an imaginative person and made up little games when he was balking at the number of pills. If he was groaning I would break into my announcer voice and give a running commentary on "look racing fans, can he do it? He's breaking the world record for number of pills swallowed, 1, 2,.....13" or I'd hum the Jeopardy melody (sorry Merv, no royalties from me), or (his favorite) pretend to be the pills "Oh NO, don't swallow me - Oh, it's not so bad in here, wait, there's a big sliiiiiiiiiide!, sploosh". :lol: We have a lot of fun. Yes it takes some energy but less than the energy that is sucked out of me seeing him suffer from his tics. Which, when he's taking his vitamins and supplements, are so minimal or even non-existant. He's also done delayed food allergy testing to find his allergies which we avoid religiously. He sees a chiropractor one or two times per week. And he takes epsom salt baths or has a Kirkman Labs magnesium cream rub each night.


Good luck,


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Carolyn ,


You said "I have had vitamin levels checked" . Where did you get the vitamin levels checked ?

Give me a URL pls .


And how do you determine your own fomula at the beginning ?


Thanks in advance .




Lisa ,


How did you find the DAN doctor in your local area or just remotely ?


And what shoud I say to DAN doctor in order to ask them to give me supplement list ?





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I live in Orange County, Southern Ca. and my husband's aunt who's very involved in the autism community found me a DAN doctor who was highly recommended. She is in Los Angeles and so we travel about an hour (or more depending on traffic) to see her. She knew exactly what to give my daughter. I would think that any good DAN doctor, after running some blood tests, should know what to prescribe for you. I think there is a link here on how to find a DAN doctor, right?? I hope you find one.



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