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  1. Thank you for the info. I have a hard time getting my daughter to swallow 3 capsules a day. I don't think I could ever get her to take 14 capsules plus a day. Hopefully the natural calm will be good.
  2. I've been reading through the forums to find out the answer to my question but don't see a specific answer so I thought I would just post my question. My daughter has tourettes and tics.. She's had them for about 3 years now. She has many sometimes and other time few to none. We did great over the summer just on 300mg of mag and 50mg B complex and extra 50mg of B6 with a multi vitamin.. and then also a calcium chew made for kids that was 500mg. however that isn't working to well anymore. Lately she has a tic that is hurting her. She will clench all the muscles in her body tigh
  3. Another quick question. With the epsom baths, how much do you add to the tub? I followed the packages directions but was curious if those with tourettes should use more or less? also how many times a week is recommended by those who use it. thanks
  4. Hoping you can help. I just ordered the Natural Calm for kids to try. Should I suppliment a calcium tablet or is milk and other calcium sources enough? Also it says a child age 10 should have approx. 240 mg of mag a day. The serving size says 1/2 tsp is 85mg so I should give 1 1/2 tsp a day? Is that how it goes? Also if I am giving this, should I cut back on the B vitamins I have her on? I give her a multi and an extra B complex to help with stress etc. Thanks
  5. My daughter was diagnosed with tourettes. She developed quite a few tics that caused her a lot of pain and discomfort. After trying the doctors way I researched vitamins and found they work much better and allow her to function without being drugged. Right now I have my daughter on a vitamin regimen of: 300MG of Magnesium (which says: as mag oxide, aspartate, citrat, alpha ketoglutarate, taurinate - what does that mean??) A B-complex 50 and an extra B-6 vitamin I see here on the forum that the magnesium citrate is better? or is it magnesium taurate? Also I should add in ca
  6. I did a search for Integrative Doctor's in the biggest city near where I live. I found that a major hosiptal has a group of doctors (practice) that deal with alternative methods of healing. They find ways of working with vitamins, diet, exercise, etc to deal with lots of issues. They are all MD's who have gone beyond that to specialize in alternative treatments. They don't particularly deal with TS but with all medical issues that people are looking for other alternatives to medication. So I made her an appt there. I am wondering if I did the right thing, or if I should stick with the
  7. I was just curious about the medications for information. I guess just to learn about them in case it ever got to that point with her. I don't want her to be on medication either. I want to try the vitamin route and see if that helps her. She hates her tics and having them has really changed her personality wise, so if the vitamins could help that would be wonderful. I am still researching them as its very confusing to know what to give her. I was even going to order bonnies plan since it was all put together but knowing which of her pills combos to order is also confusing so I am sti
  8. I want to take my daughter to a doctor who is familiar with TS. I contacted the TS assoc. and they mailed me a list of doctors in my state that deal with TS. Some are regular MD's some are Psyc. some are Neuro- Psyc. and some are regular Neuro. I am not sure which I should contact. Also, those who have used prescription medication for tics, Is there any kinds that most of you have found should be avoided, or some medications that are better then others, when it comes to control and less side effects etc. I am just curious. If we ever did decide to take the medicati
  9. Those of you who use vitamins ..etc... for tics.. Do you find it easier to order them from bonnie's site or do you go to the vitamin store and buy them individually? I am gathering if you look at the list of ingredients on bonnie's vitamins that is how you know what to buy at the vitamin store. yes or no?? Also, with there being so many pills, what do you find is the easiest way to get your child to take them? and lastly, what is the estimated cost you spend per month on this? Thanks for any information, I am getting ready to start this type of treatment with my own child a
  10. I am new to the boards. Well new to posting to the boards. Not reading. I have a 10 yr old girl who was diagnosed with tourettes. She had mild tics from somewhere in between the ages of 7 and 8 although the more I read about tourettes the more I can remember things she did when she was younger that lead me to believe she was showing signs eariler we just didn't know it was that. I guess she has a more mild case of it. She seems to always have at least one or two tics going but many of them are mild and not very noticible. She does have a few that are highly noticible so I sort
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