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Just wondering about strep titres. When everyone here has states their childrens results wer...125, 153, 134 etc ( just making these up ) how were those given? What I mean by that is this....when my children get labs, each time it will say their result and the the "normal" value. Each time it has been different. My ds4 results were <90 and that's what the normals value was. And when his results were <50 that's what the "normal" results were. I was told the results neg. When you get a value like above, in the hundreds, does it state "<" in front of the number?

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I believe I have read that each lab has its own upper limit of normal (the highest number that is considered a normal result) for ASO based on how they do the tests So it is a good idea that you try to test at the same lab each time in order to compare one months to another.

My guess would be if the lab result says:

< 90 normal

that it means that 90 is the upper limit of normal and the results are something less than 90 but they are not giving you a specific number.

our results from quest look like this:

Test Result Range

ASO 139 <150


Which means that Aidan's result for the ASO test is 139 and the upper limit of normal is 150. Since 139 is less than 150, it is in the normal range.


Quest changed their upper limit of normal for the dnase-B in August from <187 to <376, I am not sure why but each time we have got lab results since then there is a note that states this under the test results.

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Wait....I know there is a whole group of folks here whose children never run elevated titters and are more concerned with whether they are rising or not. My girls do run elevated titters, so I might not have paid as close attention as others here. But hopefully, a veteran will chime in soon.

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