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Telling your child she has a learning problem

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My daughter has a learning disability with Math. I have been helping her with her homework every night to help improve it. I've read on the internet that it is helpful to actually make your child aware that he/she has a learning disability, but that it can be improved with the proper exercises and that they can still succeed in life. I have not yet told my child that she has a learning problem, since I am worried this might make her less motivated to do the work, since she may get scared and feel she is not a "normal" child. What is the best way to approach telling your child the truth?



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Guest Mike B

I have also heard that you should be honest with you child. It is good to reassure your child that having a learning disability only means that his or her mind works on words and information a little differently. Be sure to explain that it does not mean being stupid, lazy, or weird. Be honest and optimistic with your child. Let them know that this will not effect their success in life and that together you will overcome it. Good luck. <_<

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Guest Guest_Neophyte

Hello. I have grown up with learning dissabilities and the way my mom explained it to me when I was little was that everyone is built differently and everybody learns differently. She told me that some times people just need more time to learn the same things as others and that they sometimes just need different methods of learning. It doesn't make you any more or less inteligent then anyone else. Just different. And being different can be a good thing. Personaly I learn very slowly but I retain what I learned better then the kids in school who can fly right through their work. I hope this helps. Good luck with your daughter.

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