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  1. Thanks so much Ausclare for the response, and the link. I've heard of this helping before & knew to avoid too much caffeine for him. She seems to have quite a bit of helpful information on her site about diet, from what I've had time to look over. I will do anything I can to help him, so I really do appreciate your input & the link. Incase anyone else needs it, her site has moved to this link now. http://www.fedupwithfoodadditives.info/ Thanks, Deb
  2. Thanks so much for replying Janey. I am considering an advocate for next year. I had one once before, we only meet once, then she had to cancel showing up for the IEP that year, at the last minute and they didn't have anyone to replace her. I might have more luck if I try again for next year. His aunt helps a lot, but she lives in MN, so that makes it hard. I know this is a hard thing from both ends, the parents and the schools. Their budgets are short & we parents of course want what’s best for our children. I have done more research & feel a little less frustrated, but I h
  3. I was honest with my son about his LD & tell him what I know, as I find it out. He takes it very well & I encourage him as much as I can. We also focus some on his strengths, so he has confidence from those.
  4. My son will be a freshman this next school year. We found out he has an LD in reading, the summer before he entered 6th grade. To the best of my knowledge, he does not understand phonics, and he tests about 4 grades ahead in math, but about 4 grades below in reading-writing skills. He is also behind a bit in speech yet, but has had all the speech therapy that the school can provide. (He has also had speech therapy outside of the school system.) We live in Indiana, and I have not been impressed with how the education system has handled my son's education plan, (IEP). Any pointers or advice
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