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Hi all,


I'm new to latitudes so bear with me if I am not in the right place.


Our resume:

13 year old boy - tics - they are terrible right now and starting to affect his school. DX when he was 10. They seem to really bother him at the moment. Lots of vocal tics. I can hear him while I am on the main floor and he is in basement.


10 year old girl - Sudden onset of OCD and Anxiety at New Years. We are looking into PANDAS. Just waiting for bloodwork to come back next week.


10 year old girl - Anxiety, ADHD and Learning DIsability.


1 very stressed out Mom and 1 very stressed out Dad lol


Suggestions on Natural treatments? I have read about LCD tv's are better for the tics. What about florescent lights? Do they have an affect on the tics? Thinking of going Organic/ or semi organic anyway. (it's expensive)


We live in Hamilton, Ontario. Would a Naturopath be helpful. My son wants to go on medication for the tics. I am not really keen on that. Any suggestions for types of testing I should be looking at as far as blood tests, allergy tests etc?





Posting in Tics/Pandas/ADHD/LD

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I am a new member so I am sure others will chime and give good advice. I am still navigating treatment options and searching for help too. My 4yo has Tourettes, OCD and anxiety. My other children are younger and I am hoping they will remain symptom free.


I started with switching to a pediatrician who took more time to listen to me. He is not 'natural' but it was a start. After dx from a neurologist I started researching more natural tx options. We started with an upper cervical chiro. due to sleep issues. I then cut out dyes (for the most part) and most preservatives. We have a Whole Foods and Trader Joes near us. The all natural food stores can get expensive but the process of cost comparison gets easier as you go.


Over the last few weeks I researched biomed md, environmental medicine mds, DAN doctors, pandas docs. I would have liked to have seen a DAN doctor but in the midwest I could not find one covered by insurance. We just saw an environmental health doctor a couple of days ago. It sounds like he will be looking at quite a few things but for us the first step was a yeast free diet due to past courses of abx. I would find a doctor willing to take a more holistic approach and help you navigate diet changes and supplements.


I can imagine the stress of the situation and I am sorry. As someone told me....one step at a time....it is a process, a puzzle and answers will not be found overnight. I would definitely start with a doctor you really like who will take a more holistic approach. Good luck to you and your family.

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Ok, I am somewhat new to the forum myself, but this is a great and supportive place to be, with people who are full of knowledge and experience. Keep in mind that with tics, you will have progress and setbacks, but if stay diligent and vigilant you will start to put some pieces of the puzzle together and get a better idea of what works for you.

For us, we've had a lot of success with big changes in diet and reducing screen usage, but the tic triggers are different for everyone; and sometimes they are just completely unpredictable.But the others on thisboard are right... Find a likeminded doctor who preferably has worked with tic issues before.

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Welcome DandV,

It sure sounds like you have your hands full! I think regardless of PANDAS or chronic tics for other reasons a really clean diet will be most beneficial. Organic...yes expensive...but in my experience definately necessary. Our son (9) who has Chronic Vocal Tic Disorder is definatley triggered by pesticides, it became really hard to tell which foods could be offending for him when the pesticides were in play. To keep this fairly short here's my quick list others may add or delete:


Remove all artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and sweeteners


Elimination diet, maybe start looking first at Gluten and/or Dairy, possibly soy


A really good multi...it must be clean of artificials so read well. I see you are in Hamilton so your local Health food store should carry the Progressive Children's Chewables, we have had amazing results with them...others have had similar results with Kirkman Spectrum Complete Powder (hope I got that right)


Natural Calm Original Flavour- Magnesium


Epsom salt baths- we try for every second night.


Probiotics and Omega 3's are also beneficial for many but others can see increases to the supps. Vitamin D as well has seemed to have mixed results...you can look up many posts on these three...


and yes...it our son's experience flourescent lights are brutal for him, he hates the new energy saving bulbs so we have had to change many back.


Also going as green as possible with cleaning products etc was also beneficial for us, dishwasher soap was a trigger for him...


Now after all that, I wanted to say don't feel too overwhelmed..LOL :D . Pick one thing and focus on that, it will not be a quick fix but so many of us have seen results. Even the crazy grocery bills and health food store visits become easier, the cooking becomes more second nature and on a whole the family will be healthier. There are going to be waxing periods regardless so try not to be too discouraged should that happen.

Oh yah...sorry you asked about a Naturopath or Enviro Dr.? I think especially to start they can be a really great support, you may need to interview your choices before you go. Most will give a free discussion/meet the doc kind of thing if requested. We did this before picking our Naturopath and are glad we did! No sense wasting time and money if the dr. just isn't a fit! I really wish you the best. I hope I didn't drop too much on you and leave you feeling swamped....just keep asking questions...



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