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Re-Adding Calcium & Mag Taurate

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Just a quickie. I have eliminated some of my son's supplements and am now going to add them back in. I know prevailing wisdom says to add one at a time and watch for a few days. Since the calcium & mag taurate are supposed to work together, should I add them in (at the 2:1 ratio) together (and at a smaller amount at the beginning) or should I still add them separately?


Also, I think I read that cough medicines increase tics in some kids. Would they just be a problem while the cough medicine is in their system or does it cause trouble after that too?


As always, I appreciate your help and am so grateful for this forum and the people in it!



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Hi Lisa ;)


I would add the calcium and mag taurate together, but start at a low dose and then gradually build up. Calcium and magnesium really do need each other to work optimally.


I dont use any over the counter or prescription cough or cold medicines but instead use only natural remedies, so I really dont know how long the cough med stays in the system or has its negative impact on tics

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Magnesium Taurate is a compound supplement containing magnesium and taurine.

It is available at The Vitamin Shoppe stores or from their website. The brand most of us have used is by a company called Cardiovascular Research. Bonnie Grimaldi also has a mag taurate in her Bontech supplement range.

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