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What specific Multi-vitamin do ya'll use?

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I have been searching through the posts to find which "clean" multi-vitamin people use. I've see someone mention Progressive vitamins, but beyond that I can't find names too often. I was hoping some of you would list the specific multi-vitamin you have found beneficial for your child. I'm having trouble. I've bought three in the recent past only to do more research and find them to be "un-clean" for some reason that I missed.

I will definately research the brand before purchase, but I would LOVE a gentle shove in the right direction.

Also, I will be starting my daughter on a version of Quercetin soon and am curious which brand people purchase. I've been told about d-hist, which contains Quercetin but I'd love to hear other reliable brands.

Thanks so much.

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We have found the multi referred to here a little while ago by Lisa ("mythree") (Kirkman Spectrum Complete powder) to be extremely beneficial. My guess is that it is because of some specific ingredients it contains that our son benefits from. But it could simply be that it has high doses of a lot of things that kids in his shoes tend to benefit from... Chris

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