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Found 1 result

  1. My 21yo son has neuro lyme along with some form of bartonella, (probably also babesia) that has caused him to have Tourette's. We've been seeing Dr. C in Missouri for ~1&1/2 yrs now. We originally started with symptoms of brain fog & tics. The treatments thus far have eliminated the brain fog & up until recently had decreased his tics by maybe 15 - 20%. Unfortunately, we started him on tindamax/ tinidazole a few months back & didn't notice anything for the first couple of weeks. Then his tics started to get worse but it was so slowly that it took us a while to pick up on it (he was also prepping to test for his black belt in taekwondo so he was a little stressed & working harder than usual which also made it harder to spot). So he was on it for about a month before we took him off. I figured he was having a herx so I decided to go back on some antibiotics that he had used previously that had been vaguely positive in their effect but relatively mild in their herx reaction (didn't want to add to the herx, but didn't want to give the bart a chance to bounce back either). He does not seem to be clearing the herx (if it is one) as he is not getting better & actually seems like he might be getting worse. I tried adding chlorella, but didn't help & seemed like it might be making things worse. I'm trying not to panic, but it is killing me to have fought so hard for such a little bit of ground & now be losing even that. Anyone out there dealing with neuro lyme & bart that got worse with tindamax and managed to turn things back around? What should I try (that hopefully won't make things any worse)?
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