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Found 4 results

  1. Has anyone tried and had success (or failure) with gaba? I was just reading some amazing studies about it online, then jumped on iherb to order and read some negative stuff about it like that you should only use short term, that you need to wean on and off etc. I did read that you should change your diet to foods that increase gaba naturally but my son already eats a diet rich in these foods. We are in the middle of dealing with multiple motor tics, and also a vocal tic that can only be described as a loud zombie like humming noise (it doesn't stop from the time he wakes to the time he sleeps) and it is (and I mean this from a loving mom point of view!!!) Driving everyone in our house crazy, not to mention himself. He is unable to attend school at the moment because of it, and is feeling very emotional and not wanting to leave the house thank you!
  2. So it's over two years now in this crazy and although we have mad improvements, we are still struggling significantly--including with aggression, bad language and intrusive thoughts, etc. ibuprofen has over this time helped to take the edge off, BUT, out ND recommended Zen which is s combo of GABA and L-theanine. An it seems to be helping tremendously --or it could be the Alinia finally kicking in...
  3. I came across this while researching some other things and thought it was really interesting and potentially helpful for some of our families, plus Psychology Today is relatively "easy" reading, compared to some of the journals and papers we find ourselves combing through! http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/evolutionary-psychiatry/201104/your-brain-ketones
  4. So after reading llm's post about the antibiotic that can remove excess glutamate, I am even more confused about the whole glutamate/GABA thing. I had been thinking about GABA supplements for DS because GABA is calming and his PANDAS symptoms are fairly large/prolonged motor tics and vocal tics. But now I have read that GABA and glutamate and glutamine all get converted to one another, so giving a GABA supplement wouldn't do much if it just gets converted into glutamate anyway?? Is it better to try l-theanine instead? I have read that it gets converted into calming substances such as GABA. I'm interested to hear if anyone has tried these, with success or not. Thanks!
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