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  1. Hi I'm trying to figure out how much Taurine to give my 11.5 year old son, who weighs about 65 lbs. His tics are moderate, but are definitely a nuisance and he hates them. I haven't been able to find anything to really help. We did food sensitivity testing and eliminated several foods/ingredients but that didn't help. Currently, he is taking 2/3 teaspoon of fish oil daily and 1.5 teaspoons of Natural Calm. I'd like to add taurine to that mix and see if it helps. I bought Whole foods Free-Form Taurine. Each capsule is 500 mg. I'll probably need to open the capsule and empty them. So adjusting the unit doseage is not an issue. Also, I'd be fine with getting another product altogether. Also, we had previously had a specially formulated multi vitamin made for him based on a doctor prescribed Metametrix blood test. Now that we have used that up, I'm looking for a good multi without dyes. I'm concerned about too much Vitamin D. I'd prefer to keep it at 200IU. In the past, 400IU seemed to make him tic. But the again, it's so hard to tell what helps and hurts his tics as they wax and wane anyway. Thanks in advance Alan
  2. Thank You Allie, I'll look at that.
  3. Thank you again Chemar. Anyway to know if an Epsom salt bath instead of the supplement is adequate?
  4. Thank You Chemar. OK then, I have the right product. I guess I just had the name wrong. Is this a supplement to give everyday or just when tics are bad? If he takes an Epson salt bath could he skip it for the day? Thanks again Alan
  5. I've seen a product called "Nature Calm" discussed here. I thought I'd try it with my 11 year old son with TS. They did not have "Nature Calm" at Whole Foods. But they did have a similarly named product called "Natural Calm". It's listed ingredients are: Ionic Mangesium Citrate, organic orange flavor and organic stevia. The served size is 2 rounded teaspoons and the amount per serving is 325 mg. Is this the same thing as "Nature Calm"? Too start, I am giving my son a little less than 1/4 teaspoon in a glass of water, twice a day. I intend to at least double that doseage slowly, as long it is tolerated (he doesn't get diahhrea), Does that sound appropriate? He weighs about 70 lbs. Do most people use this on a continual basis, or just when the tics get bad? Also, if I could get him to take an Epsom salt bath, could we avoid taking it that day? He really does not like it. Thank you Alan
  6. Thanks JJ, We've scheduled the assessment. It's about three weeks out. So we'll know more soon. Alan
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