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  1. my daughter (8) was on celexa for about 3 1/2 months, we had to stop quickly because for some episodes of dangerous behavior. She was completely off in a week. Then had trouble returning to school, but i think it was from pandas, not going off the celexa. Peglem, how did the lamictal work? We are slooowly building up to proper dose. wondering what experience others have had with it. thanks.
  2. my 8 yr old has pandas, last week my 3 year old told me she hated pandas. i think they understand a lot, because they sort of have to. my little one wants to see all the bad moments, to make sure her sister is ok. i try to distract her or put her in another room, but she resists.
  3. I like dr. geller, he is very cautious. I didnt like the idea of psych. meds at first, but he really works with us, so I trust his judgment. We have seen a lot worse too, hard to say if it is meds, or natural recovery, maybe both. torres is helping to rule out a lot of things our other neuro didnt see, so i like that. it seems to me that he reserves ivig, long term abx. ect. for the most severe cases. my daughter seems to change symptoms a bit every 2 or 3 months. motor tics are bothering her now, and still some ocd/anxiety, and a short fuse. hope this helps.
  4. --> QUOTE(Amy B @ Mar 10 2010, 07:38 AM) 59231[/snapback] yes he did mention that he does not reccomend long term antibiotics. i am still processing all the info from our appointment. i think he is incredibly thourough. my daughter is almost finished with a 2 month trial of high dose augmentin. that was not from torres, it is from geller (mass general). i dont know what the next step will be. she has not had strep since may 09, but symptoms are still strong. i havent noticed a huge change with the augmentin, as i hoped. thanks for responding
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