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  1. Thanks for your quick response. Think I will try the Natural Calm first. Just to be clear, natural calm is actually a supplement offered by different companies right? Natural Calm is not actually the company?
  2. Hello, I want to start taking magnesium for my tics, as I understand it's a main tic reducer. Can anyone recommend exactly what type of magnesium they've had success with and if it's more effective when taking it with something else, I think I read some take it with zinc, thanks.
  3. Have had TS since age 5, now 33 and keeps getting worse, almost debilitating. I'm not aware of illnesses/situations as a child that caused it, I do know my mother smoked marijuana when pregnant with me, not sure if that can be the culprit. I always had tics that I could tolerate to some extent from age 5 up until my mid 20's, they were minor. I was made fun of and stared at, but I dealt with it. They now have gotten really bad, the older I get, the worse they get. I have most of the common ones, no need to list them. I have two that are very embarrassing. The 1st- my entire body jerks, sta
  4. This is not an MLM company. But I wont post such links anymore.
  5. Sorry, I'm not an agent for any MLM company. I have had TS for 23 years and want to offer what has helped me as I would love for others to do the same.
  6. Also here's an incredible multi...multi vitamins
  7. Just confirmed that there are no dyes in OPC3.. check this link to view the label. OPC3 Label
  8. Hi, After searching and trying. I found improvement by taking only one product. My tics really decreased from this. It's called OPC-3
  9. Sorry to hear about your trouble. I too have pretty intense tics. So many annoying and embarassing ones. I have one where I have to constantly blow as if I'm blowing into a whistle all day long. I know the people I work with can hear it, but what can I do. I treid so many things that didnt work. I recently found a product called OPC-3. I started using this about 3 months and can't tell you how great the improvement has been. Here is a link to it. I have found great relief. Hope this helps.
  10. Hello, I used to have an account but forgot the login, so I'm now re-activated. Anyway, I have TS and consider myself to have a more severe case. I have seen so many doctors and tried so many things, medication and naturopathic. I got disgusted with trying so many things and having nothing work so I just decided to stop taking everything and deal with it. My husband kept asking me to try one more but I wouldn't listen. For some reason about 3 months ago I decided to finally give it one more shot and I can honestly say that I finally found something that works! I can actually sit still fo
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