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  1. Two new video from "Kids First". Video 1: http://origin.peg.tv/pegtv_player?id=T00331&video=44652 Video 2: http://origin.peg.tv/pegtv_player?id=T00331&video=44654
  2. Peg...Someone asked me about strep senstivity testing. They weren't sure what it was. I remember reading something. Yes, I assumed it was determining what antibiotic should kill the bacteria. Thank you, 911RN!!! So, this obviously only works if you get the positive culture. When I tried to google it on my own, I only could find reference to strep pneumonaie.
  3. I know some parents on here have had a "strep sensitivity" test done. My questions are: What was the test called? Who ran it? What info did it give you? Did it help at all or did the strep just get killed with penicillin since it was in a petrie dish? Thanks!
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