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I am a research scientist with over 25 years of research in system diagnostics and measurement techniques. However, until recently, this research has been applied to the high-tech field. I became focused on PANDAS when my daughter at age 7 had a sudden onset of OCD and Anorexia Nervosa. It still sends shivers through me when I think of that time.


My daughter presented with contamination fears, intrusive thoughts/OCD, separation anxiety, defiance/controlling behavior, hallucination and a deep fear of weighing more than 50 lbs.


When hospitalized for not eating, we discovered she was culture positive for GABHS. 24 hours after augmentin she her mood improved dramatically. We tried a number of things over the next month and eventually cleared her sister (who also was carrying GABHS) and put her on 250 mg/day azithromycin as a prophylactic dose. We had dramatic symptom resolution and remission that lasted 6 months.


Subsequent exposure to GABHS, H1N1 and Fifth's disease all had associated exacerbations and when Anorexia Nervosa symptoms re-emerged we opted for IVIG. We had dramatic resolution of symptoms 3 weeks post-IVIG and these stayed resolved for 6 months. One more time we had a fever and return of symptoms and repeated IVIG with excellent results 3 weeks post IVIG.


We are currently maintaining 250mg/day azith with 10mg/day Prozac. At this point, our daughter is 95-98% back to her original self. We're so very glad for the help, guidance and support of other parents on this forum.



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