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  1. Thank you for this information - I will reach out to her
  2. Thank you - plus won't go near Miralax 😀
  3. Yes they should however up to this point they are set on the epilepsy diagnoses however non of the meds for epilepsy have worked. Also he was on a dose of 8 MG daily of Lorazapan and he still has his once a month seizure. I am now started working with a MAPS doctor and waiting to see a neurologist local to me but have no trust in traditional medicine any more.
  4. Thank you and I appreciate the hope...hearing from others that can actually relate is priceless. It's the same with his "epilepsy" most doctors just do not want to hear that maybe they have mis-diagnosed here. However the main children's hospital is just like the DMV, take a number and hope you get served that same day!
  5. Hello Everyone, Brand new to this forum and honestly believe I may finally be going in the right direction. After 2+ years of ER visits, doctors visits, meds, meds, meds my son is in a very severe condition. Past 2.5 years with my son Jonah have been a nightmare and nobody ever mentioned PANDAS/PANS in all that time. For 14 years Jonah was a loving life kid, swimming, playing, beach lover until something took all this from him! (Jonah has been non-verbal since the ages of 3 and is now 17, lives near Palm Desert, CA) I recently purchased the book "Your Child Has Ch
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