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  1. As Chemar mentioned, I don’t think functional neurology is a complete cure but it has helped my daughter tremendously. On a scale from 0 to 10 with 10 being the worst, she is a 1 or 2 on most days since she has been seeing the chiropractor. There are days where she will regress and we are logging to see whether we can sort out the triggers (for her I believe it has something to do with frequent cold sores she gets).
  2. All, just wanted to give a quick update on my daughter. We've been seeing the functional neurologist for a month now and we have been seeing continued progress, even with a cold the past week. Right now we are going twice a week, for one hour each time. And we do the homework exercises twice a day. At the same time, we are also implementing the Feingold diet and also try to minimize gluten/dairy/sugar (although not 100% eliminated). Starfish, I just googled "functional doctor nyc" to find the person we are seeing now. He falls into the category of chiropractor I believe.
  3. Hi, An update since my last post - since starting the sessions with the functional neurologist, I would say that her tics have improved. Initially, she all but stopped the squatting tic and continued with blinking (although less frequently.) Over the last week, there was a switch where the squatting tic came back but the blinking was almost gone. However, given the short timeframe (about 2 weeks), I'm not sure if the improvement can be attributed to the exercises with the functional neurologist or just waxing and waning of symptoms or other factors.
  4. Hi there, We live in NYC so we went to see Dr Eric Kaplan.
  5. Hi, Cova, Our almost 5 year old daughter started eye blinking and squatting tics almost two months ago in mid July. Because she suffers from frequent cold sore infections and had one prior to the tics starting (and also had a brief strep infection that was treated with a 5-day z-pack in the beginning of August), we have also seen a gamut of physicians including pediatric neurologist (who diagnosed with transient tic disorder and advises to just wait it out) as well as Pandas/Pans doctor (Dr. Trifilleti of NJ who ran tests for strep, mycoplasma, and coxsackie but no antibodies were elevat
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