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  1. Hello everyone, I live in Wake Forest, NC, and our little girl suddenly started to show tic symptoms at the beginning of March 2018. She had strep back in the fall of 2017 and now in March she started doing the jerky and twitching movements in her arms and legs. They got progressively worse in a period of 3 weeks. It was like going from 0 to 100 in a matter of days. We noticed she even was doing them at night, which meant she did not have a good night sleep, she was restless. Desperate, on March 27th, we took her to Duke's childrens ER and they admitted her in order to do an EEG and ensure she was not having myoclonic seizures. They also did a rapid strep test and culture and blood titers. They all came back negative. They diagnosed her with a tic disorder and follow up neurology clinic appt in May (4 weeks away) and it feels like forever. They also prescribed her clonidin at bed time. This is the 4th day we have been using it and we have not seen any improvement in her tics nor her sleep. I am growing desperate here. I researched all these things she is "suddenly" having and stumbled across Pandas. To anyone who has endured with this condition, please share any advise or wisdom you may have?
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