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  1. Same worries, jsl. My son is on azythromax 250 daily and has been since May, with the exception of June, July and half of August. His innitial onset was the summer of 2017. He had two 10-day courses for active strep in thr fall, which was how long it took for his pediatrician to wonder if his sudden symptoms might be strep related. From that point it was another 5 months to find and see g a PANDAS specialist (also a more conservative MD). He was given a 30-day course of antibiotics. Following lab tests that showed high strep and myco, he was put on longterm antibiotics. He will be retested in
  2. Bobh... Thanks for your response. I am stumped. With the exception of those 7 days of reintroducing gluten in mid-February, he's been GF since Jan. 1. He is still ticking and experiencing OCD (not anywhere near the level of June-November, but it is definitely there and effecting him). He did two rounds of antibiotics in the fall, with the last ending in mid-November. He seemed to start to improve in the last week of December, though not to 100 percent. His gluten elimination diet started the first day of January. Everything was gone by mid-January ... new tics, old tics, anxiety, concen
  3. My son started CBT for OCD and tics (using replacement techniques for tics) at age 8. He sees a pediatric specialist and it has helped him a lot.
  4. My son had his first PANDA symptom flair (upsurge in severity and frequency of tics and sudden onset of OCD/ADD/anxiety, behavioral regression, moody) in June 2017. He didn't get a blood draw for strep until October. It was positive. We treated with a 10-day round of antibiotics and swabbed for strep 2.5 weeks later. It was positive. We did another 10-day course, which was complete in mid-November. He improved a lot--but not fully--and has had several negative throat cultures. I should note here, that his doctor recognizes that an untreated infection can cause neuro problems, she treats using
  5. My son (who just turned 9) had a very sudden turn in behavior in June 2017. It wasn't discovered until October that he had untreated strep. We treated with two rounds (the first 14 days, which didn't kick it, and the second 10 days ) of antibiotics. He finished the second course in mid-November and has gotten steadily better and I would consider him to almost be back to his "normal" self since the end of December. His second antibiotic was Cephalex and he was unable to stay asleep for more than a few hours on most nights during the entire duration. We assumed it was only that, but he's had ins
  6. My kiddo got one. I waffled around about it for a few months, though.
  7. hi... our 8 year old son had two 10-day courses of antibiotics in October and early November. It took a good four weeks post antibiotic, but he also has nearly returned to his pre-infection state. His psychologist said that quick onset and worsening (he always had mild transient tics) and the quick improvement of OCD/anxiety/ADHD/tics isn't the normal M.O. for those conditions. Like I said, we did two courses of antibiotics. He seemed to improve slightly after course one, but a re-test culture was positive for strep, though he didn't have a sore throat or wasn't "sick." While his focus is bac
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