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  1. Hi guys - I’m new on here. My 10yo son was diagnosed with PANDAS 7 months ago. What a whirlwind. I was just wondering if there were any support groups in North Brisbane (Australia) or in the general Brisbane area? Thx Cath 🙂
  2. Hi MissAnna How did u go with finding a North Brisbane (Australia) PANDAS doctor? If you have a good one, can u pls let me know as our 10yo son has PANDAS too & we are struggling too. Would love 2 hear from you if u r still on here. Thx, Cath
  3. Hi guys - I’m in North Brisbane (Australia) & notice that there was some mention from Ozimum about Doctors in Brisbane that understand, accept & treat PANDAS on here a while ago? Can you or someone pls send me the names & contact details for specialists & doctors in North Brisbane? We can’t even find an immunologist that treats PANDAS here (unbelievable hey!) let alone a Paediatric immunologist or other. For those of you overseas, Brisbane is the capital city in our country’s 2nd biggest state! Can’t believe we are so behind & there is so much medical ignorance. I
  4. Hi - I know it’s a while ago that u posted & hope your daughter has received some relief from her PANDAS since then? Anyway, we have a 10yr old son with PANDAS & he’s flared up recently after gastro vomiting bug a month ago. We’ve been using anti-inflammatories (along with Abx - Augmentin Duo) each day since the flare began & it honestly does help. Highly recommended. Apparently the peak flare ups happen 3-4 weeks after the infection (gastro) & that was very true for us. Re atypical Strep - being in the USA you should have access to the “Cunningham’s Panel” a pathology tes
  5. Hi - I really feel for what you are going through. We are going through a bad flare up with our 10yo son too at the moment & were wondering exactly the same thing (re how long would it be ok to treat with anti-inflammatories?). Thank u so much for posting! You probably already have this info but I came across a journal of child and adolescents psychopharmacology (Volume 27, issue 7) that researched the level of impact that anti-inflammatories have on flare up time. They demonstrated that it can shorten the average 12week flare up period by about 4 weeks by using anti-inflammatories.
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