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  1. I am not familiar personally with this med as a treatment for childhood adhd. but I would call your doc right away as it seems highly likely the med is either at an improper dosing for him, or all together toxic/inappropriate in his case. Esp as the sleeping is such a bummer when a 6yo needs to be playing (not to mention getting exercise as this is often said to be the most proven way sans meds to help adhd related focus probs, in particular flight of thought in my case) . is this an off-label prescription for the transdermal med for hypertension and high blood pressure in adults? I do kn
  2. I am an adult female. I was never diagnosed with any mental illness as a child, as my parents addressed any psychological issues as solely behavioral problems to be disciplined. That being said, I suffered from very severe OCD symptoms that (I suspect) **might have been a result of PANDAS. [As this was never diagnosed nor treated, it is purely personal seculation based on the symptomology and relative timeline of exposure to streptococcus- I also share other speculations as to possible causes for the disorder, though mostly suspect the former.] I can say that for myself; the OCD began to diss
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