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  1. Hi Everyone, My 6 year old son was put on the Clonidine patch for ADHD/flight of ideas this week, we started the first patch last night .1, sadly my poor kid has turned into a zombie, he is on his 5th nap of the day, which clearly tells me that the .1 patch is way too much for him. I'm wondering if anyone else have the same experience ?, does it go away ?, can I cut the patch so that can get half the dose ?. I've sent an email tour doc to see what he say, waiting on reply. Thank you
  2. Thank you so much for all the advice everyone, after much debate, we have decided to keep our appointment with Dr. Williams in 3 weeks ( we were on the wait list for 2 months). WE are very reluctant to IVIG as well, it will be our very last resort. But we have reset my son's Augmentin, by increasing the dosage, he seems to be responding to it , the symptoms are gradually going away.
  3. Hello I'm new to the Forum. My 9 year old son was diagnosed with Pandas the summer of 2013, we have been seeing the only Panda specialist we have here in Houston since then, MY son has been on Azithromycin/Augmentin. He recently had a really bad flare up, we would like to get a 2nd opinion, we are trying to decide between DR. Williams at the MGH clinic, or Dr. Beth Latimer, we would like any input we can get on both these docs, as we would like to know which one would be best for us. Please share any advise you may have,. Thank you
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