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  1. Thanks for that. I will give it a go. Debbie
  2. Does anyone know if I can give Kids Calm on the same day as giving Epsom Salt baths or is it one or the other but not both together ???? Sorry if this sounds silly but I'm a little confused. Also is it best to give the Kids Calm in the evening before bed? What do other people do? Cheers
  3. I have been reading the threads here regarding Bonnies supps. Can anyone advice which one and dosage I should consider for my 10 year old who has been ticcing since Feb? The severity and nature of these tics change over time. We have had no allergy test so am unsure of deficiencies. It seems almost impossible to get the medical profession to take me seriously on the testing issue here in Uk. I have started Epsom Salt baths and we are taking Fish oil and Evening Primrose oil 500g. Complex vitamin B - is this ok to give him also and if so how much is usual for somone his age? Please help this confused and anxious Mum make sense of all this.
  4. Can anyone please suggest a good multivitamin that I can give to my son?. I am currently using a "chewy" one with Omega 3 fish oil but fear it will be full of colourings. I asked my pharmacist about a good Vitamin B complex but she was not recommending this for children - not sure why. Any help/advice greatly appreciated as we do not seem as switched on in the UK regarding the whole Tics/TS as you guys across the water. Debs
  5. Thanks Kim for your advice and direction. I will have a look at the links as you suggest and will give the salt baths a go.
  6. Hi, My 10 year old has been experiencing motor tics on and off for the past 4 months and more recently a vocal tic, about 3 weeks. Doctors here (UK) are mentioning transient tic with possible TS. I was wondering about Epsom Salt baths, does anyone know if this might help with the head nodding/shoulder shrugs? Like all parents new to this I am not sure where to turn to get help and at the same time am anxious about trying anything in case it makes things worse. Any advice from those in a similar situation would be appreciated. Cheers
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