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  1. My 10 yr old son was diagnosed with Pandas in May. It's a journey I know. His OCD is "purchase OCD". We have spent much money bc he rages often and the only way he calms down is if he changes his pattern of thinking to buying something!! He never had tantrums before! He curses now freely and simply refuses to brush his teeth or bath. If I bring him a cup and tooth brush he will reluctantly brush but rarely is able to do it himself. He urinates all over the seat when he uses the bathroom and never flushes toilet . He blows his nose also on anything he finds in the home. I tell him very calmly to please get a tissue and he just ignores me or cries and says he can't. If I bring this to his attention he becomes agitated and says I am yelling at him and I hate him. We have him on supplements (integrated Doc) and anti B's as per Dr T in NJ. He is less agitated and less raging but his Pandas symptoms seem different than many. They thought it was Bipolar before the blood work (not in our family). He was born with autoimmune issues as well with constant sinus infections so PANDAS fits! There is no form of discipline bc he starts his anger and raging so easily when we try and curtail his actions. He rules the house and it's like I am a prisoner. I attempt to get him to bed at a reasonable hour but ultimately he goes when he pleases. He was always a manipulative child but overall obeyed the house rules and never disrespectful. Good student and never a problem in school!! He will leave the house only when he wants to or if I bribe him with things. He tells me he just can't do much! Period! He watches TV so loud and ignores me when I tell him to turn it down. Getting him out of the house to doc visits or therapy is horrible much of the time!!! . He loves Karate so gets dressed easily and goes. If I tell him that we might take Karate away if he can't go the doctors, he rages for a long time. I have not heard of too many PANDAS kids being this obstinate. He was good kid a few month ago but its as if PANDAS has given him permission to rule the roost. We are patient and know that he is ill but need some guidance!!
  2. Get off as quickly as possible. My son became psychotic and started raging!!Its been two months and behavior is still off!!
  3. Son (10 yr old) has Pandas and has had such a personality change. Started off with sadness and OCD w focus issues. They thought he was depressed. Always happy in the past. Doc put him on Prozac(only 1 month) and he went psychotic. Then off to Dr T(NJ) and he diagnosed with Pands/Pans It has been three months off all meds except anti b's and anti v prescribed by Dr T . Most disturbing is his change in personality. He is only ten and acts like a 16 yr old with an attitude. Likes to curse and has strong opposition to his parent (us). He was a straight A student with NO behavioral issue other than a bit manipulative, but never talked back or cursed.EVER!! Rages if we try and direct his actions let alone any discipline. Where is my kind and gentle child!! He sometimes will ask me the same! Can this immune attack change them like this for real!?? or does he have ODD and bipolar over nite? Dr T says it's Pandas but some kids have other things as well on top of it. He never ha any of this before!
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