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  1. Thank you for such detailed help. I really need that right now and know that i am looking for something--anything right now to fix it. Your advice is very wise to do one thing at a time--while I have known that, thanks for reminding me because I have been so desperate that my philosophy has sort of been to try everything that might work and sort it out later. This is the worst she has ever been. When I woke her up this am after she slept 17-18 hours (we had to give her a zyprexa that our psych gave us for emergencies), she was still very much in the same place as yesterday--irritable, wan
  2. Hahhahaha...I just read my last post and saw all kinds of typos and out and out incorrect terminology! Ooops! I got the methylb12 and niacin (and lemon balm)! I'm hopeful that tomorrow will be better!
  3. Thank you! I'm leaving the health food store right. Ow with natural factors methylcobalamin! Hopeful!
  4. I am giving 500 mg high allocin garlic. Yes, I am alternating several probiotics including narrow and pb8. I do not see any pattern--today was the worst rage ever, an we've had some doozies. She does have the homogeneous mthfr gene defect. I am giving her methylfolate but have not yet found methylated b12--I am checking that out. I am going to check out The lemon balm that someone mentioned earlier. Thank you both for your input. You have no idea how much it helps to know that somebody who is also living through this is thinking about it, too.
  5. I'm sorry to be filling up the board with questions today, but do you think it's possible that the garlic that I have been giving my girl is drawing things out/stirring things up? I posted earlier about her rage this am which has now lasted for 5 hours and been the worst one that she has ever had. And it is just dawning on me about the garlic. Hmmm. What do you think?
  6. Good Morning! I am sitting upstairs while on the computer while dd is hopefully coming down off of her rage downstairs. She had 2 Advil this am about 15-20 minutes ago. It's usually done something by now. My husband left for work right after we gave the Advil, and he was shaking, which is highly unusual for him. Backing up, she's been taking longer and longer to get anything done. Pretty decent mood yesterday, but incredibly immature. We could hardly get her in the shower last night or dressed once she got out. Not OCD stuff, just lost in thoughts, doing other things, etc. She to
  7. Today has continued to be rough with raging that seems to get more and more out of control. I'm afraid that she's going to hurt someone and don't really know how to hold out until our March 15 appt. Tpotter, thanks for your info about HTP-5. I will definitely get some. Do you use it during a rage or just daily? I used the peanut butter during her rage today along with 2 advil, and I do think it helped some, but after she calmed down some, she continued to alternate between hateful rage and screaming, yelling for me to help her, why can't i help her. I feel for her. At the same time
  8. My 10 yo dd had her tonsils out last year and had a horrible time after....incredible separation anxiety, anger and frustration with teachers at school, rages at home. HOWEVER, we did not to abx.before, after or during. I think that would have seriously helped. Even if it wouldn't have helped, I still would have done it. Because that reservoir for all kinds of things is eliminated. We plan to take my 3 y o's out ASAP.
  9. Today has been a rough day. We have been on zithro for about 2 weeks, and as crazy as this sounds, our local doc (love her, but not a PANDAS doc--we have 2 appointments but a long time to wait) suggested that we give zithro every other day after the initial week or so. Yesterday was her first day of no zithro. Today was horrible. It was her birthday and she started raging almost from the instant that she got up. She wrote on the bathroom wall ("unhappy birthday--all because of MOM!!!) She was initially upset because she didn't have the shirt that she wanted to wear. She went on to thr
  10. I know that my daughter also had horrible yeast issues, but for us, the pure liquid gold, horrible stench (way beyond poop) had to do with a dairy issue. I breast fed her, but I was having milk in some of the foods that I ate--I wasn't drinking it. When I completely cut it out, that got better. Went on to find out that she has an issue with gluten, as well, but I don't think that was the culprit with the diaper. Does not sound like yeast die-off to me. And I don't think it will die off until you completely cut out sugar and give something to kill the yeast. Good luck!
  11. Thank you for all of your help. We have an appointment with Dr. T. on Friday and one in Plano in mid-March. I'm trying to decide which one to cancel. Anybody know anything about either dr.'s ability to treat lyme/pandas both? Thanks for talking me down off the ledge.
  12. I am the mom of 4 kiddos in Houston, TX. My dd10 started having big separation anxiety, clothing sensitivity (couldn't wear underwear or socks at all and very few other things) and OCD when she was 6. She had several bouts of strep that year. We struggled through the summer and the next year, but when she was 7, she became aggressive, and we didn't know what else to do besides see a psychiatrist who put her on psych meds. The next year was horrible--even on many different psych meds--threatening others, hurting others, rages every day after school. Then we did a yeast detox diet that
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