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  1. thanks so much to both of you, it is good to get some reassurance. Chemar, great to hear that alternative therapies have made a difference with your son with genetic TS, that is a huge relief as I really dont want to start trialling things only to discover there was no chance of them having any effect. I am going to read your link as soon as I get time. It is a little overwhelming at this point and I am just a mess of nerves watching my kids ...now that I think it is both of them instead of just the one I suspected the last few months it just feels a little out of my capacity to cope with.
  2. HI there, I am just starting out down the road of working out where my children fit on what I suspect is the TS spectrum ... I myself was never diagnosed but think I have had TS all my life - very mild but didnt disappear over time like many cases seem to do. My brother also had it rather mildly and his seems to have disappeared. Other than he and I we can not trace it back on either side of the family at all, which is strange. I always feared that I would pass it onto my children, although my case is mild certain tics were obvious and I remember being teased for these at school. I rea
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