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A Little Help with Diagnosis


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I think perhaps I have TS but that is merely a self-diagnosis. I have hinted at this to my doctor and significant others but it is either laughable or not seriously considered. What I can say is that most of my adult life (and I'm 53) I have been plagued by a bothersome and embarrassing tic--biting the insides of my cheeks, sometimes drawing blood. In public I can sublimate this impulse but when alone, I frequently give full reign to this irritating and self-destrictive activity. (A psychiatrist told my daughter that this left unchecked could bring on cancer). My brother is a dentist and he made trays that fit over my teeth and gums. I use them intermittently and they do aid in control but I can't take them everywhere. In my youth, I bit my nails and emitted grunts through my nose, but these tics eventually disappeared. Thanks to anyone who understands what I deal with every day and cares to respond. --Arlin

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Hi Arlin, (I like your thread subtitle)


Welcome. It could be a chronic tic syndrome, or mild TS. Unfortunately, diagnosis is not an exact science--even for a neurologist.


Here is an article on tic classification.



I suggest you read this board further including the archives--our goal is to find natural methods to reduce tics. It has brought relief to some with very painful tics as you have.


If you have the time to look through the posts, the discipline to try some of the things or the finances/insurance to find an alternative MD or naturopath, the odds are great that you can find relief, based on what we have all seen.


Here is the doctor list:



Good luck, and stick around, you are bound to have good things come of finding this board--as we all have.


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Thanks, Claire, for your helpful and encouraging response. I have precious limited time to spend at this site but I am compelled to return. Here's something interesting that makes me wonder if I may be allergic to something in my diet: some years ago during a missions stint in Tanzania, I went several months without tikking. Never happened before or since. If I ever get my hands on the nasty little culprit . . . ! (and I probably do every day!)

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Your experience is a perfect indicator of hope for you!


1. Did the foods there have no artificial ingredients? That is a big trigger.


2. The flicker of CRT screens (computer/TV) is a big trigger for some. For us, switching to an LCD monitor completely eliminated my sons tics while we looked at healing him (we did do no screens for a week to clear his system--not always practical for adults).


3. It could also be a major food group as you imply--if it was missing on your trip. We have a thread here on some common triggers: milk, wheat, salicylates (oranges, apples..), corn...it would be awesome if you listed the mainstay foods you ate their and the missing ones.


4. Even certain synthetic carpet fibers (or mold in the home) can be a trigger. A HEPA air filter in the bedroom can help with this.



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Thanks, Claire, for your optimism and those several suggestions but I need to be fair with you and give you something of the context of what I meant by "missions stint." My wife and I and three children did two terms under Eastern Mennonite Missions in Tanzania, the first for two years (87, 88) and the second for three years (96-99). It was during the former that I had a kind of epiphany, a sudden realization that I'd gone several months without tikking. Then, I was back at it, with no similar let up during the second term. You will likely admonish me for this, but I have little to no hope of ever "getting rid" of this tic. I have for the most part, learned to live with it and to stop demeaning myself because of it. I used to think I must have some undefined unresolved relational or moral issue that drives it along. Believe me, I have agonized, prayed, resolved, chewed gum, gone without sugar, coffee, etc., and worn trays--all to no avail. Changes in my diet or environment seem to make no difference. In common with other tikkers, I don't "tik" when sleeping, though I do a lot of twitching. Funny thing about which I am consistent: I NEVER have to tik when I'm in a reclining position, even when awake! Now go "chew" on that! (Forgive the pun!). --Arlin

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Ah, that power of suggestion! Sorry to hear that. Even so, you may have elevated metals or yeast or something that can at least help. Truly, the percentage on this board that have improved is phenomenal. However, for me to be most accurate I need to comment that they do this healing with their children--I have no idea how 'hard-wired' it is by the time we are adults. I still believe it has to make at least some difference. The solutions here go well beyond what I suspect you have tried--truly there are MD's who run a battery of tests to see if you have similar issues. If you have insurance, it isn't too bad. The doctor list is at the top of this forum--don't be put off by the 'autism' descriptions--the immune issues seem to be common between autism and tics. (and OCD and adhd for that matter).


I hope you will do this for yourself. Again, if you have insurance, I can't see the harm. No drugs, no side effects. If you don't have any of the issues they test for (and I am betting you will), then you are no worse off than now.



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Hi Arlin,


I read your post and thought this might be a different angle you could try.

I have had some success with myself, I don't tic though!


I was recently given a business opportunity that was really abundant.

But when I read through the paperwork I started to have heart palps and not be able to breathe. This had never happened before.

I asked myself what the problem was as I was shocked at my reaction and Fear of success popped into my head.


I did the EFT and the next day read through the same paperwork with none of the effect from the night before. ( except excitement)

I am planning on trying it on my boys, it is non invasive and free.



It's EFT therapy and Gary Craig offers it as a free download, with follow up information.

I found it really weird and prefer to do it when alone. I think it is the singing Happy birthday bit that makes me laugh.


Download and read through it, then print off the basic recipe. The whole manual is 80 pages, but I just printed off the 12 pages of basic recipe.


It makes a difference how you phrase things, so if the symptoms don't go the first time, try rephrasing or dig deeper to find if there are any underlying emotions. You cannot lie to yourself! or it defeats the purpose.







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