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Multivits - the good, the bAd and the ugly?

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I'm really confused.


Our doc recommended Kirkman's Super Nu thera as my kiddo's multi-vitamin. She's been taking it for 2 months now. I'v added other supplements like Glutamine, Taurine, Calcium etc. However, she's still tic-cing even though I've cleaned up her diet. So, now, i'm checking to see if I need to tweak the supplements somewhat. Super Nu thera's level for B6 is exceedingly high. The worst part is that I've read somewhere that an excessive amount of B6 is not the best thing in the world for kids with tics. So, my question is , what Multivitamin should I give to my kid who is off gluten, dairy, soy , eggs? Any idea if Yummi Bears Multivitamin is ok? It claims to be gluten-free, yeast-free, soy-free, dairy-free, salicylate-free etc.


Has anybody ever tried it? Or, if you have a Multivit that has helped your child, please let me know - I'll be eternally grateful. And since we're at it, any idea if there is



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My daughter always took intrakid and I still take the intramax. A few others here I know started the vitamin so maybe they can chime in??


Also Mercola.com came out with a new vitamin for children that has no iron in it.


We also take vitamins from xtendlife....my daughter has no issues on these and I really liked them.


I only give every other day because I am scared.....we switch off between these three brands because of the cost....sometimes I can afford the really good one such as intrakid and others I can only swing the mercola.com ones.


It has never effected her and I kind of like the switching....you get some things out of one that maybe another one does not have and I never really worry about getting too much of something I guess.


We are still on our bottle of the mercola ones now (every other day) and next I will splurge and get the intrakid and then the xtendlife.

Although this works for us....as you and we all know everyone is different.


I know its frustrating when its comes to vitamins...you never know what they will react to or what they may get too much of and lastly what they do not get enough of.....this is my reasoning for switching the brands and of course the everyother day dosage.


Too scared to change it.....I have learned when its not broken...don't try to fix it LOL


Hope you find what you are looking for. And I am sure some of the other intrakid users may chime in.

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Forget to add they we too tried the kirkmans you mentioned....in my opinion it made things worse back then so I stopped them.

Again everyone is different though...and sometimes with the wax and wane its impossible to know if something is causing it or not.


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Thanks for the tip, myrose.


Just a question though - Intrakids is not supposed to have salicylates, right. But it is raspberry-flavoured. How is that possible? Btw, is the amount of B vitamins sufficient? If not, what else do you give just so that your daughter has enough of the Bs?




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