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  1. Hello everyone, I'm really discouraged. It looks like it is a constant struggle with my 6 year old daughter. I've taken out all the food that she is allergic to and I'm giving her a whole host of supplements but her motor tics are still there. She has no vocal tics. She is now dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, egg-free, salicylate-free (at least, to the best of my ability). Out of desperation, I tried something on Tues, Wed and Thurs. I decided to take off the Super Nuthera (Kirkman's) that my kid is taking because the Bs looked scary. Read something about B6 and tics and 250mg does look really high. B1 - 7.5mg B2 - 7.5mg B6 - 250mg B12 - 5mcg Wrong move - she started her hand jerk and leg bends on Wed and so, out of fear, I started SuperNuthera again today. Sigh. On top of Super Nuthera, I'm giving her the following. Not sure if this is ok. Doc suggested this but I really trust you more because you are not just recommending things in isolation. You recommend based on your experience and in my eyes, that counts for much :-) Morning - Therbiotic Factor 4 (Klaire Labs probiotic) - Enzym Complete DPP IV II (Kirkman enzyme) After lunch - SuperNuthera (Kirkman) - Magnesium Glycinate (Klaire Labs, 100mg) - Calcium Complex (Klaire Labs, 400mg) After tea - Taurine (500mg) - Glutamine (Klaire labs, 1000mg) - Magnesium Glycinate (Klaire Labs, 200mg) Dinner - Enzym Complete DPP IV II (Kirkman enzyme) - Therbiotic Complete (Klaire Labs probiotic) Hope someone can tell me if I'm overdosing my little girl who weighs in at a paltry 17.8kg. Or perhaps, there is something else that I should be giving her? I'm really wondering what else I can do in terms of food and supplements. I may also start on Craniosacral and Visceral Manipulation - got to check on my finances first. This is really taking over my life. I just can't concentrate on anything else - wondering why life is so unfair to my little one. On a separate note, I know I've become an 'uglier' person. I snap more, I grumble a little more and I'm definitely less patient than before. Shy
  2. Thanks for the tip, myrose. Just a question though - Intrakids is not supposed to have salicylates, right. But it is raspberry-flavoured. How is that possible? Btw, is the amount of B vitamins sufficient? If not, what else do you give just so that your daughter has enough of the Bs? Cheers, Shy
  3. Hello, I'm really confused. Our doc recommended Kirkman's Super Nu thera as my kiddo's multi-vitamin. She's been taking it for 2 months now. I'v added other supplements like Glutamine, Taurine, Calcium etc. However, she's still tic-cing even though I've cleaned up her diet. So, now, i'm checking to see if I need to tweak the supplements somewhat. Super Nu thera's level for B6 is exceedingly high. The worst part is that I've read somewhere that an excessive amount of B6 is not the best thing in the world for kids with tics. So, my question is , what Multivitamin should I give to my kid who is off gluten, dairy, soy , eggs? Any idea if Yummi Bears Multivitamin is ok? It claims to be gluten-free, yeast-free, soy-free, dairy-free, salicylate-free etc. Has anybody ever tried it? Or, if you have a Multivit that has helped your child, please let me know - I'll be eternally grateful. And since we're at it, any idea if there is Shy
  4. Hi Cheri, Thanks for your reply. Your answer gives me some hope ... in what way was it beneficial and how many sessions did you have to go for before you saw any positive results? I've been reading reviews over the Net and some people way that cranio-sacral, visceral manipulation, NAET make bogus claims. So, I really don't know what to make of it. My daughter has been blinking/stretching her mouth non-stop for over a month now. I'm giving her a host of supplements and I have modified her diet extensively. I really wonder what else I can do to help her. Cheers, Shy
  5. Hello, Has anyone ever done craniosacral and visceral manipulation for tics? It seems it helps kids who have issues with the gut. Any thoughts on this? Shy
  6. Hi My kid's blinking is in overdrive. She closes her eyes shut for a few seconds and then she's at it again. It must be painful. Could this be due to the flu bug that she's got? She has a fever of 40degrees celsius and she has a cough and a cold as well. She is taking Paracetamol and Ibubrufen for her fever and Bromhexine HCL and Chlorpheniramine for her flu symptoms. Could the bug and the medication be aggravating her tics? Shy Shy
  7. Dear Q's Mom, Your post has given me some ideas - thanks :-) I think I'll start flax seeds. Is Bob's Red Mills golden Flax seeds ok? You also said that you add flax seeds to meatlof and even muffins. Do you have a meatloaf/muffin recipe that you could share with me? My muffins taste like hay and my cookies have to sit in the mouth for a while before they can be chewed. My beef comes out chewy and I'm not kidding. I am basically a disaster in the kitchen. I mentioned that I've been giving dd prune juice on alternate days and I'm wondering if this has triggered her eye tics somewhat. I have cut back on it this week and surprisingly, she went to the loo yesterday. No need for prune juice to work its wonders. Maybe, something good is happening to her system ... Cheers, Shy
  8. Hi, Thanks for all your comments and advice. Yes, Michael, I did play detective with the stools but I couldn't quite find traces of lunch/dinner. So, can I take that as a good sign? The things we will do for our kids And Faith, I'd love to cut out the fruit but that's really tough because dd just won't give in. Her eye tics are still there and I'm going crazy. Caryn, I'm really motivated by your post because you mentioned that your son had 17 allergies and he's now down to 3 - that's really wonderful. But, my question is how did you get there and how long did it take? Did you do NAET or did you do it the painstaking way (dietary changes)? Any advice will help. Currently, dd is taking the following supplements: - Magnesium (300mg) - Calcium (400mg) - Super Nuthera Multi-vit (Kirkman's) - really high in the Bs - Glutamine (1000mg) - Taurine (1000mg) - Enzyme Complete DPP IV II - twice a day (with meals) - Therbiotic Factor (morning) - Therbiotic Complete (night) She is also off gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, chicken and high-salicylate vegetables and fruits. Currently, this is what she eats: Grains - aside from rice, she is now taking quinoa, amaranth, millet Vegetables - celery, potatoes, beans, brussel sprouts, cabbage, some types of green leafy vegetables. Hardly any carrots and strictly no spinach and broccoli Fruits - pear, papaya, mangoes and sometimes, bananas Meat - beef, lamb and fish Butter - Nuttelex which is dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free (at least, that is what the label says) Snacks - Ewehorn's brown rice cereal, millet puffs, home-made potato chips and sweet potato chips (read - yucky because I make them) Not sure if this dietary restiction is making her lose weight. I've tried the rotation diet but I don't have enough to go round. In the end, it looks like I'm giving her beef/lamb/fish every other day. My understanding of the rotation diet is as follows: If we give something on Monday, then the next time, it can be introduced will be Thursday. Please correct me if I am wrong. Our IgG Allergy test was also sent to the States (EnteroLabs) and doc has suggested doing a urine test to check if her food is being absorbed properly. He wants to do the OAT Test plus a few other tests (Enterolabs) as well. It's going to cost us S$590. Sigh! Caryn, I showed my husband your post and he agrees with you - He believes that Time will heal our daughter but I'd like to see a progressive improvement. In her case, she gets ok and then, when my spirit is lifted, something else comes along. It's really painful and I sometimes doubt whether I'm doing it right. By the way, I read about Houston enzymes and how allergies get eliminated after a while. Does anyone have any experience with this? I know that this post is hardly coherent but what to do, I have too many things on my mind. Hope you don't get too tired reading this Shy
  9. Hi Jules41, I know exactly how you feel. My dd also changed overnight and I went through a whole lot of crying, desperation and agitation as well. I'm still crying and I'm still desperate. My kid is six and she has lost tremendous weight as a result of the dietary changes, supplements, anxiety etc. Sometimes, I look at her and I wonder how she is coping but you know what, she has her own strategy and coping mechanism. I have no solutions for you because I am groping along as well. But, just hang in there and if things don't get to where they used to be, don't despair. Latitudes has helped me through a difficult time and trust me, you will get stronger. After all, what choice do we really have - we love our children to bits and we have to do everything in our capacity to help them attain a good life. Shy
  10. Hello, My 6-year old daughter is on a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free diet. She is also on a lot of supplements - magnesium, calcium, glutamine, taurine, super-nu-thera multivits, enzymes and probiotics. The poor dear! The thing that bothers me is that she is losing weight pretty fast (in three months, she has lost 3kg and is now only about 16kg). The funny thing is that she is hungry all the time and her appetite is much better now than it ever was before. I can't understand this at all. More food is being consumed, yet she is losing weight - how is this possible? We have only done the IgG allergy test so far. Do we need to check for anything else? Her tics have become more manageable but last Thursday, I gave her some prawns, and on Sunday I gave her some grapes (high in salicylates , I know) and above all, I have been giving her prune juice on alternate days for the past week. the prune juice has helped with the constipation issues somewhat. I've been tinkering with her diet somewhat because she is bored with her usual beef, lamb and fish combination. That's why I added the prawns. She wanted some grapes as well and so, I gave in to her. Well, no surprises - she started blinking excessively. Sigh. Looks like she can't take foods that are high in salicylates as well. I thought the enzymes would help but it looks like there is no effect? Any ideas on what I can do to lessen my dd's blinking? Or should I just wait it out. Besides, any thoughts on why she is losing weight when in reality, she is eating more? You are all so experienced and calm and I wish I could control my emotions a little more. I think I've aged a lot in the past five months. My 'slightly less-polite friends' have said that. Shy
  11. Hi Q's Mom, She is on a special diet - no soy, no gluten, no dairy, no eggs. I give her prune juice on alternate days - just a wee bit though as prunes contain high salicylates and it looks like it is working. The unfortunate thing is that she has started tic-cing a little more. Not sure if it is related to the prune juice, prawns or the grapes that I gave her on Sunday. You said that you have tried introducing fibre - in what form, please? Shy
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions. Over here in Singapore, we don't get that many brands. However, I did get hold of Lakewood's Plum juice. I gave it to her and guess what, whatever had to come out, came out I'm planning to give it to her on alternate days. I've also seen a Fiber Gummie. I might also try kiwis. Not sure if she'll like it though. Any idea if kiwis are high in salicylates? Cheers, Shy
  13. Thanks for the replies, Chemar and Maryann. Just a clarification - Is Plumsmart high in salicylates? Cheers, Shy
  14. Hello, My kid usually has problems going to the loo. She gets constipated quite often and yesterday, the poor dear had a really tough time clearing her system. I had to bring her to the clinic. I'm wondering how I can get her to have easy bowels? I'm currently giving her probiotics, enzymes, calcium, taurine, glutamine, magnesium and a multivit that has very high B vitamins. Has the constipation issue been exacerbated because of the sheer amount of supplements? She also takes pears and papayas regularly. She's got the flu and a fever. With all the medication, her tics are slightly more pronounced. Sigh! Shy
  15. hi dcmom, Not sure if you received my email - let me know ok. Thanks.
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