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Food Triggers -- Duration


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I posted earlier that my son had been doing really really well with Bontech supps and flaxseed capsules.


Last Wednesday, he had a lot of peanut butter, which I just found out he is mildly allergic to. (He has eaten it for years, but we pretty much stopped it in March as we went healthier overall and just recently learned he was allergic to it.)


On Wednesday, after a lot of peanut butter, his tics increased a lot. Not nearly as much as when he was most affected, but they went from about 5 a day to a handful an hour, with some spikes. (In March, he was at about 5 a minute, so we're still seeing much less than before).


If this is a reaction to the peanut butter, any thoughts on how long this spike will continue? I know that it may be something else -- school just ended, there have been a LOT of birthday parties with cake icing and ice cream, but it was so immediate after the peanut butter that I really think that is the culprit.


And, if it is a peanut butter reaction and we stay away from pb, will it gradually wane, or just "turn off". in your experiences.




-- Liane

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My best guess is that it was probably not the peanut butter alone, as you said it is just a mild senstivity.


The peanut butter may have just been the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back," as your son just went through his end-of-the-year rite of passage (lots of good stress and relaxed diet). Maybe he could have tollerated any one or several of those things, but cumulatively it was just too much.


Having said that, my naturopath mentioned that peanuts are a problem because they are highly allergic AND peanut crops host a lot of mold. I know you mentioned he is sensitive to peanuts, but you might want to observe how he reacts to molds as well -- damp, musty areas, yeasts, mushrooms ...


I consider Caryn the resident allergy expert (I think she's on vacation), and I know she has mentioned dietary infractions set her kid off for up to four days.




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