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mustang carole

Brain Train

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Guest Newbie

I saw your post and it made me look this up. I'd never heard of it! There are some other brain train things out there.


Is this it? It seems cheaper to order your own set than pay your neuropsych.

But maybe I'm off base!!!





If it's good I'll bet people would like to know. Newbie

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Guest denise

the doctor my kids see suggested this brain train. he wants to charge insurance for this program. or charge me $250. for renting part of the program. you can own the whole program for $249.

my daughter has been using it she seems to be doing better in school. but he said it would take at least 20 sessions to notice a differance and 30 sessions to complete the program.

i am going to purchase it. i have 2 other children that can use it too. brain train judith falconer phd is the place im getting it from.

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Guest annie

Hi, I have no idea where in the world this is from. I am in Victoria , Australia and came by this site by accident, looking for information about a drug called Seroqual. But getting the information about Brain Train and copies of articles written by Dr. Falconer has been fantastic. My daughter Amanda sustained severe head injuries when hit by a car in 2001. We have been down the usual road of rehab, but no one has ever even mentioned Brain train , or even offered an alternative to the old methods so often used for cognitive improvement. I have been at a desperate loss, and to my detriment have not sought such information as this earlier. But i intend to from now on. I hope that this reaches other participants in this site. I would love to know from parents in other parts of the world what type of rehab is offered to you in your area, as compared to here in Australia. I do not recognise the postal adress for this forum, but can only presume it is American, I will go to my post office tomorrow to find out. I have read this tonight when I needed it the most. Amanda is going through such a difficult time, and I find myself frustrated with having to accept what is offered to us, with such limited choices.. Many thanks.. Annie..

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HI Annie,

My neuropsychologist that recommended the Brain Train is very progressive in her therapies. She also does the Metronome. She is DR Barbara Fisher, from Sterling Heights located north of Detroit , Michigan. She has a web site if you are interested Email me.

Blessings to you and prayers for a recovery for your daughter!

Glad I could help you.


Happy Trails, ;)

Mustang Carole

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