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ABGA testing for a 6 yr old

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Hi there

Our paediatric nurologist has suggested Antibasal Ganglia Antibodies test for out DS who is 6 years old. His strep throat culture and ASO came negative. However he had a sudden onset of tics and OCD ( at least I feel it was sudden) in Sept 18. He has always had severe cough cold and viral infection issues. He also had a pneumonia in May 2018 and was treated with antibiotics biotics. He also had cough and cold going when the bout happened and when first time we noticed tics and OCD symptoms ( mainly intrusive thoughts - fear of witches, over apologizing) etc. in Sept 18. Do you think it's worth doing this test - has anyone else done it ? 

Thanks a ton



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Thanks so much for your inputs. Is the test for mycoplasma pneumoniae called something specific? Or do we just ask for testing for mycoplasma pneumoniae? Also, he had it mid May and the onset/ exacerbation was not until Sept - you think the infection could go back a few months like that. Would really appreciate your thoughts! Thanks again!

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