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Sorry for the long post but we are really struggling and I’m needing some objective input.  Our 16 yr. old Tourette’s son is in a terrible flare with his facial/vocal tic...every few seconds for much of the day.  His flare started before Christmas.  Within a week he came down with a terrible virus that lasted almost 3 weeks (high fever, bronchitis, ear infection, conjunctivitis, and a rash in the groin area).  When he had a fever, tics subsided and stayed gone until he started getting well.  Then they gradually came back and are now worse than ever.  We have noticed this same pattern with fever/illness in the past.

We thought his rash was getting better but last week it worsened significantly.  Took him to dr and found out he has a terrible yeast infection.  Also, his tonsils are red and badly swollen.  Dr did a rapid stress test which was neg.  Sent us straight to the hospital lab for throat culture and a ton of bloodwork.  Among other things, he checked titers for strep, pneumonia, and EBV.  Everything came back negative.  We were ALL certain that something would show up in the labs.  Right now he is taking oral & topical meds for the yeast infection, as well as continuing all his regular supplements recommended by his functional pediatrician.  We are also limiting sugar, MSG and food dyes.  (Tried gluten and dairy free a few months ago but saw no impact on tics.)  He is also taking clonidine which helps some but not nearly enough.  Our son is not well and we don’t know what to do or who to take him to.  Any thoughts?  Thank you!!

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