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Hi lulu648  -- I know this is a late response but it in some ways the fact that no one responded reflects that we have not heard any reports, positive or negative, about the tichelper.com online program.  It is set up to be entirely self-directed.

The site offers this video: https://www.tichelper.com/demo/video/     Note: when they talk about tic triggers, it is not in the same way that we do with Latitudes (foods, chemicals, etc) it is more situational based. 

One of the questions is whether there would be any interaction with a therapist, and this is the answer, below.  

No, the TicHelper.com was built to interact with you based on your input into the program. In other words, the program is tailored to assist your child with the specific tics that are problematic to him or her. Each person working TicHelper.com will experience a unique and individualized program that will adjust to his or her specific needs.


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