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How long after sickness does your child flare?

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Trying to discover what is causing flares and observe any possible patterns. How long after illness does your child flare? Does anyone know of a study that documents average time after? It would be helpful to determine definitively that being sick results in a flare, or is it just that we are riding the waves of Lyme disease/Bartonella.... 

So tired of all this. Every time I feel like I’m getting somewhere it’s two steps back. 

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For us, we had quite a variation of lengths of flares from known triggers.  When someone else in the house is sick, he has sometimes only flared for a few days after that person gets better (and he himself did not seem to display the symptoms of that particular bug - but that could be "alternate immune response").

After we finally figured out he had some gum disease (not brushing and flossing well enough), he still remained in flare for a couple of weeks afterwards (after what was already a couple of months of flare).  It took weeks to bring his gum problems under control (with mouthwash as well as more regular brushing and flossing).

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