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My son was diagnosed with Pandas by Dr T in November.  He is on a 30 day dose of Augmentin (5 ml twice a day).  He only has about a week left.   He is taking a daily dose of culturelle (even before the antibiotic was started).    Wednesday he came home from school and said he felt nauseous.  He vomited two times overnight and had diarrhea the next morning.   Since then,  he has no appetite, has loose stools (but no vomiting).  The stomach virus is going around his school but not in his class.  He did visit a trampoline park on Monday (which I am regretting).  How would I know if this is just the stomach bug or something more serious like c-diff?  He has not had a fever or chills.  Just mainly diarrhea in the morning.  He has been eating toast, soup and drinking Gatorade and juice.

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The only person I've ever personally known with c-diff presented not only with diarrhea and malaise, but he was sick, sick, SICK!  High fever, total lack of appetite, etc.

I would try adding another good quality probiotic, maybe a multi-strain one (Culturelle is a single organism) and see if that helps balance out his gut a bit more.  I'd also try adding Florastor (or another brand of sachrommyces boulardi -- Jarrow makes a good one) as it is very effective against diarrhea and is also identified as a beneficial yeast which can be good for "crowding out" the troublesome invaders (like c-diff and candida) that tend to take over when antibiotics kill off much of the beneficial bacterium and yeast.

All that said, you know your kid, so I would trust my gut, too.  If you really think its possible he's developed c-diff, I'd get him tested.  That's not something to mess around with.

Good luck!

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