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  1. My son was diagnosed with Pandas by Dr T in November. He is on a 30 day dose of Augmentin (5 ml twice a day). He only has about a week left. He is taking a daily dose of culturelle (even before the antibiotic was started). Wednesday he came home from school and said he felt nauseous. He vomited two times overnight and had diarrhea the next morning. Since then, he has no appetite, has loose stools (but no vomiting). The stomach virus is going around his school but not in his class. He did visit a trampoline park on Monday (which I am regretting). How would I know if this is just t
  2. My 7 year old son was just diagnosed. Dr T has him on a 30 day dose of Augmentin. (his blood work showed an active pneumococcal infection) We will re-evaluate after the 30 days to see if we are going to keep him on a low dose for preventative measures.
  3. Here's the link.... http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2017/12/19/strep-throat-can-trigger-brain-disorders/
  4. I just ordered this from amazon because it got good reviews. I haven't given it to my son yet - I will have to hide it in a drink because he is super picky! Barlean’s Kids Omega Swirl Fish Oil, Lemonade Flavor, 8-oz
  5. My DS was recently disgnosed with Pandas (took him to Dr Trifiletti). His main symptom is food adversion. Since September he has had a fear of choking and has only been eating soft foods. (Yogurt, Pudding, Soup, Pedisure). Within the last few weeks, he added scrambled eggs (which he ate non stop for 2 weeks then dropped it) and now he added pasta, which he has been having every night for dinner. I have a phone call scheduled with Dr T on the 18th to go over his bloodwork and see what treatment he suggests. All other symptoms (intense panic, seperation anxiety, mood swings) have all gott
  6. Just got my sons blood work results that Dr T ordered. These were the results that were abnormal but I don't know what it means. Vitamin B 12 - 1370 IGG Subclass 2 - 407 IGG Subclass 3 - 106 Anti Streptolysin - 273 Absolute CD3 Cell - 2665 %CD 4 - 26 (low) Absolute CD 8 Cells - 1175 % CD 16 +CD 56 - 26 Absolute CD 16 +CD 56 1147
  7. Sorry, I should have given more information. My 7 year old son started with panic attacks and a fear of choking that started out of the blue on Sept 1. We had put our dog to sleep a few week before this (and my son came with us) He has always been a little anxious and attached to me but it got much worse around this time. Right after it happened, he tested positive for strep. When I googled strep and anxiety, I learned about the world of pandas. His eating is getting better slightly, his anxiety is so much better and his personality is pretty much back to normal. I had made the appt wi
  8. How can you tell if it is Pandas or just plain old anxiety? Especially since Pandas is a clinical diagnosis. Took my son to see Dr Trifiletti last week (loved him!!) and he ordered a bunch of blood tests. Waiting on the results.....but I keep going back to 'what if he just has anxiety? - especially if the blood work doesn't show anything.
  9. I live roughly the same distance from both Dr T and Dr B. They both have the same wait time to get an appointment. I know they are both excellent doctors. Any reason I should pick one over the other? I am suspecting that my son may have Pandas and possibly a co-infection (Lyme's), His major symptom is food aversion (feels like he is choking). This has been going on since Sept 1. Been to many doctors that just think it is anxiety (which it could be but when all this happened, he tested positive for strep) Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. My happy go lucky 7 year old son started having irrational fears of choking. The 1st episode started on Sept 1, then went away for a week, the 2nd was a week later and the 3rd on Sept 15. Since then he has not eaten any solid food. He is surviving on pudding, yogurt, ice cream, tomato soup, vanilla shakes and pediasure. About 3 weeks after this started, the pediatrician took a strep test (not because he was complaining of a sore throat, but because she said his tonsils looked enlarged) the rapid test was negative but the one from the lab came back positive. Besides the choking fear, his w
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