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Strep Exposure During Holidays

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Question - my ds 14 is currently in treatment for PANS/PANDAS - we are in month 2 of recovery and making progress - we are visiting family for Christmas and one of her cousins is currently being treated for a strep throat infection.  We are all supposed to be staying in the same house, what precautions should we be taking?? ( even thinking about staying in a separate house).

My ds is currently taking 250mg Zithro and 200 mg Minocycline daily along with 1200 mmg NAC, 2000mg D.  We want to avoid having a flare...

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We have struggled with the very same thing - family we love and enjoy so much yet have health issues that trigger flares.  There seems to be no way to avoid flares even with prophylactic abx and even avoiding times where they were explicitly sick.  Perhaps they carry something who knows. We have to decline holidays or make due with some sort of outdoor activity like hiking. 

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