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Something finally helping!!?

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So it's over two years now in this crazy and although we have mad improvements, we are still struggling significantly--including with aggression, bad language and intrusive thoughts, etc.  ibuprofen has over this time helped to take the edge off, BUT, out ND recommended Zen which is s combo of GABA and L-theanine.

An it seems to be helping tremendously  --or it could be the Alinia finally kicking in...


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I have no experience with Zen or its components, but if you search this group for Gaba or L-theanine, you can get plenty of anecdotes on them, and some hits where folks here have found articles or studies supporting the idea that they help some Tourette's patients (and also PANDAS patients), for e.g.:



https://latitudes.org/forums/topic/10188-l-theanine-for-anxiety/#comment-85701 (this one is an experience rather than a study)

There are many, many more hits on these two.  Note that some people experience worsening.

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